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Back to School Lunchbox Planner

School is back in session! For parents, that means the added duty of packing a nutritious lunch to sustain your kid’s mental power and energy throughout the day.

Ideally, there should be a source of protein, fat, and either a fruit or vegetable (bonus points if you get both in). A little treat is okay too, as long as the added sugar content is minimal to none.

Check out the meal blueprints below for lunchbox inspiration.


  • Protein: Hummus & chicken wrap (on whole grain or gluten free wrap)

  • Fats: Chia pudding pack (Mamma Chia)

  • Fruit: Grapes

  • Treat: Boom Chicka Pop single popcorn bags

Bonus after school snack: Apple & almond butter


  • Protein: Turkey & cheese roll ups

  • Fats: Trail mix

  • Fruit: Tangerine

  • Treat: Hippeas white cheddar chickpea puffs

Bonus after school snack: Baby carrots & hummus


  • Protein: Hard boiled eggs or egg salad sandwich (on whole grain or gluten free bread)

  • Fats: Baby carrots & ranch

  • Fruit: Applesauce

  • Treat: Annie's gummies

Bonus after school snack: String cheese & grapes


  • Protein: Tuna salad on crackers (whole grain or gluten free crackers)

  • Fats: Low sugar yogurt (like Chobani Less Sugar)

  • Vegetable: Cherry tomatoes

  • Treat: Natural fruit leather

Bonus after school snack: Trail mix & applesauce


  • Protein: String cheese

  • Fats: Almond butter & jelly sandwich (on whole grain or gluten free bread)

  • Vegetable: Cucumber slices & ranch

  • Treat: KIND fruit bites

Bonus after school snack: Low sugar yogurt & berries

Which combinations have your children loved? Comment below!


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