Cholesterol/Heart Health:

"I was coming off a successful Keto weight loss, but i was faced with two challenges: 1) managing my cholesterol, which had spiked during Keto and 2) finding a maintenance regimen combining heart-health and stable weight. My primary care physician recommended Mikka, who enabled me to meet both challenges, for which I will forever be grateful. Mikka brings both a wealth of nutrition expertise and a deep understanding of how to motivate and support changes in personal behavior. In my case, she also provided and updated recommended menus and macro-nutrient targets based on results reported in periodic sessions, always balancing science and behavioral changes. With the strong foundation she helped me build, I am confident I will sustain both healthy diet and weight. I cannot recommend her too highly and encourage any considering a nutritionist to contact her before making a final selection." - Davild Wilt (5 Star Google review)

Weight Loss:

“Mikka has been amazing! Always super positive and I loved going to our appointments. For me, Mikka took out the fear of food and fear of getting healthier. She has made losing weight easy and stress free, 10 out 10 would recommend!” - Breanne Gallagher  

“In 3 weeks following Mikka’s plentiful delicious daily guide – I️ am feeling brighter AND am down 6 pounds! So daily food guide in hand I’m happily heading off to farmers market (after my cholesterol lowering oatmeal)” – S.J.

"My stomach is significantly flatter! It's a total lifestyle change and it's definitely paying off. I don't need discipline anymore, I know how to choose foods that make me feel good now. There's a spring in my step now. I still treat myself. I never feel deprived. The fine tuning you did for me changed everything. If I want a cookie I have one. I feel like a million bucks. You've been life-changing for me!"  - D.N.

"I eat enough, I'm never going hungry, and I eat everything I love. Now I'm discovering foods I never tried before that I love. I was so confused why I was doing everything perfectly but couldn't lose weight, and now I understand what I need! Now I really value what food makes me feel better." - W.A.

"I wore a dress that I wasn't able to wear this summer. I put it on and I was miserable before, and now it fit! I'm SO happy. I'm eating more than I've ever eaten in my life and I don't feel deprived in any way shape or form. I'm THRILLED to eat bread again!  I feel so full so I'm not searching for "what can I have next". I've never felt like this on a program before." - L.D.

"I am learning to have a healthier relationship with foods that were once considered "off-limits" in diets past. Working with Mikka, we were able to reincorporate these foods in a healthy way, eliminating any feelings of shame or guilt about enjoying them. I would 100% recommend! I have already sent her information to another friend." - Elise R.

"In regards to weight I've easily been losing it. It hasn't felt like a struggle at all. I still have more to lose, but I've already lost 25 lbs in less than 3 months. My relationship with food has also improved. I have a much clearer understanding of the amount of food my body needs to be nourished, and I love Mikka's philosophy that every day should include a treat. I look forward to those treats and celebrate them every day. I also appreciate how Mikka places huge emphasis on enjoyment of food and that no food is off-limits. I also have had a huge improvement with my blood sugar. I used to have blood sugar crashes with some regularity, and I haven't had a single crash since I started working with Mikka.

My confidence in food choices has changed mostly in regards to understanding what I'm putting in my body. Mikka uses the concept of nutrient density as a benchmark for putting together a plate of food. This has been helpful for me in thinking about the overall balance of what I'm eating, as well as considering the calorie:nutrient ratio of what I'm eating. It is helpful in providing a framework within which I can make informed choices

I feel very supported and heard every time we speak. She has tailored my goals and plans to what I want and like, and she prioritizes making this a positive experience for me. That's exactly what I wanted when hiring a nutritionist." - Jillian


General Wellness:


"Working with Mikka has been a great experience- she is non judgmental and encouraging. Her positive approach and easygoing manner make the process enjoyable and informative. I look forward to our sessions and always leave equipped to face daily challenges and master new goals." - Julie Rosin (5 star Google review)

"Mikka has been a great resource for our family. After I received a serious health diagnosis we decided to adopt a plant-based diet. She is knowledgeable, helpful and truly concerned. Her information and insights have helped to make this transition much easier for us. I highly recommend Bright Body Nutrition and Mikka!" - Linda Formella (5 star Google review)

"Most of my neuropathy and aches pains have subsided. I have stopped taking ALL my prescription medication and have lost 10lbs. You took the time to explain things to me and it actually made sense. I would absolutely recommend Mikka as a dietitan!! “ - C.W.

"It has been a real pleasure to work with Mikka. She takes her time to explain things with clarity and always makes precise observations that fit our lifestyle choices. By far the most helpful was the visual aide of the plate and going to the supermarket to make sense of all the information overload." -J.B. & M.B.

“I’ve always struggled to stick with a diet. I saw Mikka for a consultation and she assembled a nutrition plan for me based off my personal goals, eating preferences, and what was realistic based on my schedule. She’s provided recipes and even put together shopping list suggestions. It took only a couple weeks before I saw and felt the difference! Now I’m equipped with a simple structure that will benefit me for the rest of my life.” – E.G.



"I was seeking help mainly for severe chronic headaches. We discussed history and eating habits at length. After some very thorough conversation, Mikka made suggestions and recommendations for proceeding. I followed those recommendations rigorously and the amount of headache relief was what I had been looking for. A byproduct of the everything was healthful weight loss and a greater feeling of well being." - Jay Ulman (5 star Google review)

"I came to see Mikka for High blood pressure and headaches. I love the fact that she is very professional and very helpful. After just one consultation, I manage to control my high blood pressure and headaches." - Jav Iron (5 star Google review)

"Thank you, Mikka, for helping me get control over my migraines. I now know what foods to avoid, but more exciting is I know what are my safe foods. I have control back! Meds are used less and less frequently. You have taught me how to eat with INTENTION for a healthier migraine-free life." - A.P.P.


Gut Health:

“Working with Mikka has taught me how to listen to my body and feed it what it needs. I used to get stomach aches after almost every meal. Mikka help me determine what was causing them and with her guidance, I transitioned to a dairy free and plant-based diet. I learned how to nourish my body better with these foods and feel so much better! She has always been very attentive and eager to answer my questions and concerns since our first consultation.” – J.S.