Meet Mikka
The Flexitarian Nutritionist

My Story:

Hi, I’m Mikka, a registered dietitian-nutritionist and weight loss expert. I’ve helped hundreds of clients slim down, achieve optimal health, and feel better in their bodies by showing them how to make simple changes to their plates.


I understand the struggle because I’ve been there. My story probably begins a lot like yours. There came a day when my pants didn’t zip as easily and my shirt clung in areas I didn’t like. I first tried to diet by eating tiny portions. Then I tried to eat as few calories as possible and removed all my favorite foods from my house. Each time I could only put up with the rumbling stomach and crankiness for so long before throwing in the towel.

Deep down, I knew restricting food wasn’t the answer. My energy was in the dumps and my relationship with food was getting unhealthy. I come from a family that values lifestyle medicine and the power of food as medicine. I started to think, “Is it possible to lose weight AND properly fuel my body at the same time?”

On a mission to understand nutrition better, I became a registered dietitian and an expert at sifting through the diet confusion and misinformation to understand which foods a body truly thrives on. I discovered that I could actually reach and maintain my ideal weight while giving my body the nutrition it needs. I said goodbye to the extra pounds, the hunger pains, stress, and frustration for good. My relationship with food healed and my energy came back ten-fold.

My personal journey was necessary for me to understand the thought patterns and struggles of the clients I help. I show them how to build balanced meals, break through self-sabotaging thoughts, and create habits that lead to life-long weight & health management.


Are you ready to stop dieting and start eating well? 

- Mikka

Education & Experience:

  • Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Clinical Research Center​

  • DIFM certified in Integrative & Functional Nutrition

  • Tulane University, Board-Certifying Internship

  • Florida State University, Bachelor of Science


  • Weight Loss

  • Flexitarian Nutrition

  • Heart Disease Prevention
    (Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, etc)

Main office located inside
Full Spectrum Health:

2106 Bispham Rd

Sarasota, FL 34231

Phone: (941) 993-8481

Fax: (941) 929-1200


The Brain Wave Center:

1440 Main St #101

Sarasota, FL 34236

Phone: (941) 993-8481

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