Meet Mikka


Education & Experience:

  • Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Clinical Research Center​

  • DIFM certified in Integrative & Functional Nutrition

  • Tulane University, Board-Certifying Internship

  • Florida State University, Bachelor of Science

My Story:

Hi, I’m Mikka Knapp, Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist. I’ve helped hundreds of clients slim down, achieve optimal health, and feel better in their bodies by showing them how to make simple changes to their plates.


I understand the struggle because I’ve been there. My story probably begins a lot like yours. There came a day when my pants didn’t zip as easily and my shirt clung in areas I didn’t like. I first tried to diet by eating tiny portions. Then I tried to eat as few calories as possible and removed all my favorite foods from my house. Each time I could only put up with the rumbling stomach and crankiness for so long before throwing in the towel.

Deep down, I knew restricting food wasn’t the answer. My energy was in the dumps and my relationship with food was getting unhealthy. I come from a family that values lifestyle medicine and the power of food as medicine. I started to think, “Is it possible to reach my goals AND properly fuel my body at the same time?”

On a mission to understand nutrition better, I became a registered dietitian and an expert at sifting through the diet confusion and misinformation to understand which foods a body truly thrives on. I discovered that I could actually reach and maintain my ideal weight while giving my body the nutrition it needs. I said goodbye to the extra pounds, the hunger pains, stress, and frustration for good. My relationship with food healed and my energy came back ten-fold.

My personal journey was necessary for me to understand the thought patterns and struggles of the clients I help. I show them how to build balanced meals, break through self-sabotaging thoughts, and create habits that lead to life-long weight & health management.


Are you ready to stop dieting and start eating well so you can feel well for life?  

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  • Weight Loss

  • Food Sensitivities

  • Heart Disease Prevention 
    (Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, etc)