Nutrition coaching

Local & Virtual Weight Loss & Nutrition Coaching

Are you looking to lose weight, have more energy, & feel better in your body?


I work with women who are ready to reach their ideal weight & improve their health with effective & enjoyable changes to their plates. With my flexitarian approach, nothing is off limits. You'll learn how to choose the right foods for your body to achieve your weight & wellness goals.

I specialize in weight loss & lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, & blood sugar naturally.

How It Works

Initial Consultation (60 min)

  • A full assessment of health history, medications, supplements, & lab work.

  • Identification of short-term goals, long-term goals, challenges, & a personalized action plan to help you reach your goals.

You & I will meet either in person or over the phone for...

Follow Up Visit (45 min)

Follow up visits are used to evaluate your progress & challenges, refine your plan, and consider if additional testing is necessary. We create go-to meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snacks so you always know what to reach for. 

You also have the option of using a follow up visit for a grocery store tour (in person or virtually) or a menu review of your favorite restaurants.


Coaching Outcomes

  • Learn how to confidently create a balanced, predominately plant-based, whole food breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

  • Learn how to choose healthy snacks & beverages.

  • Learn how to grocery shop & read labels with confidence.

  • Learn how to stick to your health goals while dining out.

  • Lose weight & keep it off without feeling restricted.

  • Create new habits that fit your life so you can stick with them for life.

  • Improve your cholesterol, blood sugar, & blood pressure.

  • Tackle the thoughts & behaviors that kept you from keeping the weight off before.

This is for someone who...

  • wants accountability and support. 

  • is ready to manage their weight by eating nutritious & delicious foods that keep them full.

  • is ready to manage their cholesterol/blood pressure/blood sugar with lifestyle changes.

  • is ready to feel great in their body & have more energy.

This is not for someone who...

  • wants a quick fix.

  • eats under 1,000 calories or has an eating disorder.

  • doesn't want to create a healthy relationship with food for life.

  • doesn't want accountability & support from a professional.

Get Started

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