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Meet Mikka

Education & Experience:

  • Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Clinical Research Center​

  • DIFM certified in Integrative & Functional Nutrition

  • Tulane University, Board-Certifying Internship

  • Florida State University, Bachelor of Science

My Story:

My path towards holistic healing started young. I discovered the healing power of food when I was just fifteen. I had been suffering from digestive issues for most of my life, and I just thought I had been dealt a bad hand.


I had no idea that there could be a connection between my pain and what I had eaten and when I had eaten it. My whole life changed when this connection was made for me.

I went from being so frustrated at the thought of food to finally feeling like I had control over my symptoms. I stopped missing school and social events because I was no longer doubled over in pain at home. I fell out of the emotional funk that comes with feeling like you have no where left to turn for answers.

Best of all, I learned how nutrition affects just about every aspect of our lives - our energy levels, mood, sleep, self-esteem, and our relationships. I passionately believe in the philosophy of "food as medicine" and that the food at the end of our forks is either promoting or preventing disease. My mission is to help you do the latter.

My Approach:


I take a holistic approach with my clients, which takes into account all aspects of your life. Your schedule, relationships, work life, stress levels, environment, and genetic predispositions are unique to YOU and influence the nutrition your body personally needs.

Bright Body Nutrition's 9 Pillars of Health​
  1. Every body is unique and a personalized approach will be given to each client.

  2. We are partners in this process. Each client’s goals and pace will be honored.

  3. Eat whole foods found in nature, with an emphasis on plants. Whole foods are highest in the nutrients, antioxidants, and the fiber our bodies need to be fully nourished. Work to eliminate refined sugars, artificial ingredients, unhealthy oils, and processed foods.

  4. Don’t count calories. Instead, learn to choose foods wisely and use intuitive eating practices. Learn to listen to your body and adapt to its needs, at all stages of the life cycle.

  5. Eat as sustainably and ecologically responsible as possible. We must use our purchase power to choose animal products that are humanely raised and purchase seafood that is not overfished.

  6. Activity is a necessary part of our bodies functioning at their highest levels.

  7. Stress is a normal part of life, and management of it is an important part of the big picture. Incorporating a de-stress practice into our lives cools our constantly-stimulated glands.

  8. Stand on science. All recommendations at BBN are backed by peer-reviewed research and the clinical experience of experts in the field of nutrition.

  9. Supplement use has a place in holistic health management. Professional grade supplements will be recommended when appropriate and monitored with lab work.


Plant-Based Nutrition

Family Nutrition

Cardiovascular Nutrition

Digestive Wellness

Food Sensitivity & Intolerance